The BedMed Team

BedMed is a quality improvement project that measures the outcomes of more than 8,000 patients taking blood pressure medication, depending on the time of day they take their medication.

The project received a Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Health System (PRIHS) grant and is a venture to repeat a study conducted by another team in Spain in 2010 which suggested that taking blood pressure medication at bedtime instead of in the morning caused a 61% reduction in death, heart attack, and stroke. If these results are confirmed by the BedMed trial, they could lead to a significant change in current therapeutics. In addition to measuring the events related to blood pressure (hospitalization for stroke, heart attack, or heart failure), the group wants to analyze other outcomes of interest.

More than 400 physicians have expressed their interest in participating in the trial, most of them in Alberta.

Additional information about the BedMed trial is available here or on the Pragmatic Trials Collaborative website.

Nicole Olivier
Farrah Visram
Yvonne Marcoux
Armine Gayayan