Yvonne Marcoux, BSc

Research Assistant, BedMed Study
Department of Family Medicine, University of Alberta

Yvonne Marcoux has been in medical research for over 15 years. She has a degree in Biochemisty from the University of Alberta and has worked for the Wound Healing and Pharmaceutical Cardiovascular Research Groups.

She took several years away from work to support her Mom who received a double lung transplant for Scleroderma after surviving breast cancer and to help her Mother-in-Law who had ALS. Yvonne understands the challenges of chronic illness and the importance of research which saves lives and increases the quality of life.

Yvonne is happily married and has two “tweenagers” and a 17 year old poodle. She enjoys cooking (while dancing in the kitchen), following a plant-based diet, kayaking, gardening, and slack key guitar music.