The PEER Team

PEER evolved from the desire of a small group of family physicians to provide optimal health care in the context of Patient preferences and values, physician Experience and scientific Evidence from relevant Research reflecting patient oriented outcomes. The team of primary care providers grew and now forms the evidence based medicine (EBM) team in the department of Family Medicine.

The PEER team consists of Dr. Mike Allan, Dr. Tina Korownyk, Dr. Mike Kolber, Dr. Scott Garrison, Dr. Adrienne Lindblad (PharmD), Dr. Joey Ton (PharmD), Betsy Thomas,Danielle Perry, Nikita McEwan, and Dr. James McCormack (PharmD) of UBC.

Dr. Mike Allan
Dr. Tina Korownyk
Dr. Mike Kolber
Dr. Scott Garrison
Dr. Adrienne Lindblad (PharmD)
Dr. James McCormack (PharmD)
Danielle Perry (BScN)
Dr. Joey Ton (PharmD)
Betsy Thomas
Nikita McEwan (BA)