EBM Intership

The goal of the internship is to utilize the principles of evidence based medicine to understand how to answer a clinically relevant question(s) in medicine. Most commonly, the intern will use principles of EBM to co-author a Tools for Practice article (300 word summaries of a topic or question clinically relevant to primary care). However, in longer internships, other goals are possible such as working on review articles, research projects, or writing multiple Tools. The intern will be work with members of the Evidence Based Medicine team to achieve these goals.

EBM Principles to be covered are numerous but include at a minimum:

  • Relative and absolute risk reduction
  • Numbers needed to treat (and harm)
  • Statistical and clinical relevance
  • Heterogeneous results (and explaining why heterogeneity found)

In addition, the intern will review the different types of studies (randomized controlled trials, cohort studies, systematic reviews and studies examining diagnostic tests). Other learning could include literature searching tricks, core quality features of varying studies, common challenges in interpreting research and effective writing skills for mass knowledge translation.

While formal presentations on the above definitions/topics may not take place, these principles and ideas will be discussed during the research and writing of the Tool for Practice.

Prior to this internship, learners must generate an answerable clinical question clinically relevant to general health care in Canada. The clinical question should use the PICO-S format:

P: Patient or population
I: Intervention
C: Comparator
O: Outcome
S: Study design