PEER evolved from the desire of a small group of family physicians to provide optimal health care in the context of Patient preferences and values, physician Experience and scientific Evidence from relevant Research reflecting patient oriented outcomes. The team of primary care providers grew and now forms the evidence based medicine (EBM) team in the department of Family Medicine.

Recognizing the importance of primary care involvement in healthcare improvement strategies, PEER has been actively involved in knowledge translation including the development of Tools for Practice (one page evidence summaries on primary care questions that are disseminated to over 30,000 health care providers every two weeks). Awareness of the evidence relevant to primary care led the team to become involved in a number of continuous professional learning initiatives as well as guideline development by primary care for primary care. In addition, the team recognized the need for randomized clinical trials in primary care—the underlying driver for the Pragmatic Trials Collaborative—a primary care initiative to study outcomes that matter to our patients.

The PEER team consists of Dr. Mike Allan, Dr. Tina Korownyk, Dr. Mike Kolber, Dr. Scott Garrison, Dr. Adrienne Lindblad (PharmD),  Sharon Nickel, and Dr. James McCormack (Pharm D) of UBC.