BS Medicine Podcast

Hosted by James McCormack and Mike Allan .

These podcasts promote healthy skepticism and critical thinking, with the majority presented in a case-based format.

Recommended Listening

Episode 493: A relatively short podcast on “Long COVID”

In episode 493, Mike and James review all the Long COVID data. We talk about how many people get it, what the symptoms are and how long it can persist – and it can be a long time. COVID long-term is different than what we see with the regular flu. Show Notes Tools for Practice Long […]...


Episode 491: Keeping it Simple for Emergency Room Dyspepsia

In episode 491, Mike and James invite Mike Kolber to talk about Pink Ladies and White Knights. In medical terms we are referring to whether or not it makes sense to add lidocaine and antispasmodics to antacids in patients who present to an emergency room with dyspepsia. Please ignore the parts when both Mikes battle it […]...


Episode 490: Opening a can of helminths: Ivermectin for COVID-19

In episode 490, Mike and James invite Tony and Mike to go over the best available evidence for ivermectin. Overall the evidence shows that ivermectin does not improve clinically important outcomes. Unfortunately, much of the evidence for ivermectin is unpublished and some has even been retracted. Show Notes Tools for Practice Opening a can of helminths: […]...


Episode 489: Mission Slimpossible – Semaglutide for weight loss

In episode 489, Mike and James invite Adrienne to go over the evidence for weight loss with semaglutide. We find the evidence shows that weight loss is on average roughly 10 kg over the effect of placebo, however this comes at the expense and inconvenience (injection) of the medication and roughly 25% of people (over […]...


Episode 488: COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events

In episode 488, Mike and James invite Mike Kolber back again to chat about what the best evidence says around COVID vaccine adverse effects. We discuss all the numbers around common post-dose side effects, anaphylaxis, thrombotic thrombocytopenia and myocarditis. Show Notes Tools for Practice COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events...