BS Medicine Podcast

Hosted by James McCormack and Mike Allan .

These podcasts promote healthy skepticism and critical thinking, with the majority presented in a case-based format.

Recommended Listening

Episode 521: A dose a day keeps the UTI away?

In episode 521, James and Mike invite Caitlin Finley to the podcast for the first time to talk about a very common primary care topic – recurrent UTIs. We discuss the frequency of recurrence and look at the evidence for many of the different strategies used to reduce the chance of recurrence. Show Notes 1) […]...


Episode 520: Ultra-processed food – is it really all “bad” for you?

In episode 520, James and Mike delve into the delicious area of ultra-processed food. We review all the best available evidence and try to put it into a digestible format. At the end we put a cherry on top to make it even more appetizing/interesting. Show Notes The Nutrition Proposition 1) Book website 2)Amazon […]...


Episode 519: Oh Baby – Combined oral contraceptives during breastfeeding

In episode 519, Mike and James ask Jen Potter back to the podcast to talk about a common primary care question around oral contraceptives and breast feeding. We review the best available evidence which unfortunately we find out is not the highest quality. Nonetheless, we go over the numbers and then come up with useful, […]...


Episode 518: Avoiding lactose-containing products during acute pediatric diarrhea

In episode 518, Mike and James get Samantha to go through all the evidence we have for restricting lactose-containing foods in children with acute diarrhea. While we find out that looking at this evidence is at best tricky, it seems like reducing or diluting formula may provide a reasonable benefit. Listen to the podcast for […]...


Episode 516: The LARC (long-acting reversible contraception) Song: Is the etonogestrel implant a hit?

In episode 516, James and Mike invite Nicolas Dugré to the podcast yet again, and this time we talk about the evidence around the latest long-acting implantable reversible contraception. As always, we talk about the efficacy, the harm and all the rest of the issues around the use of these forms of contraception. Show Notes […]...




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