BS Medicine Podcast

Hosted by James McCormack and Mike Allan

These podcasts promote healthy skepticism and critical thinking, with the majority presented in a case-based format.

Recommended Listening

Episode 570: Statistics made simple and relevant – we promise – PART III

In episode 570, James and Mike finish their trilogy on statistics. We take what we discussed in the previous podcasts and go through a couple of examples that will hopefully solidify what all the terms and numbers really mean. Show Notes 1) Sensible Medicine Doing statistics can be difficult but understanding them can be fairly […]...


Episode 569: Statistics made simple and relevant – we promise – PART II

In episode 569, James and Mike continue to go over what statistics really show – we focus on what inferential statistics can and cannot do, what a p value means and more importantly what it doesn’t mean. And yes we try to keep all this stat stuff on a realistic and practical level – easier […]...


Episode 568: Statistics made simple and relevant – we promise

In episode 568, James and Mike go over what statistics really show – and importantly what they don’t show. We go over the terms and nuances and hopefully put them all into a simple context. Statistics are not just in medicine – they are in much of what you do every day – so you […]...


Episode 567: Industry and Us and You

In episode 567, Mike and James revisit the old topic of industry influence on health care providers. We go over the issues, the nuances and some of the latest evidence around the interactions, the influence, and patient perceptions. Show Notes 1) Industry Evidence Handout 2) MAKING EVIDENCE MATTER for EVERYONE CONFERENCE Vancouver May 24/25, 2024 […]...


Episode 566: Topical corticosteroids for atopic dermatitis – More than skin deep

In episode 566, Mike and James invite Émélie back yet again to the podcast and the topic is the balance of benefits to harms of using corticosteroids in adults or children for atopic dermatitis. We come to the realization, as always, that how to use topical corticosteroids is based on knowing the best available evidence […]...




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