BS Medicine Podcast

Hosted by James McCormack and Mike Allan .

These podcasts promote healthy skepticism and critical thinking, with the majority presented in a case-based format.

Recommended Listening

Episode 502: CO-KID – vaccine for kids

In episode 502, James, Mike Kolber and Tony Nickonchuk get together to talk about the easy question (just kidding) of COVID vaccines for children and adolescents. We discuss the best evidence we could find around efficacy and adverse effects in these age groups and hopefully give enough context so that you go from murky to […]...



James and Mike celebrate their 500th, YIKES, podcast episode. You get to hear the entire intro song (Some People) written and recorded by Pete McCormack. We talk about the history of the podcast, thank a lot of people, and talk about the key messages and the philosophy we have tried to impart over the years. […]...


Episode 499: No Gain, No Pain? – Diet-induced weight loss for OA knee pain

In episode 499, James and Mike invite Tina back again to discuss the evidence we have for dieting to lose weight and the impact of that on osteoarthritis knee pain. Overall, there isn’t a lot of evidence but some observational data suggests a benefit Unfortunately the relatively small weight loss achieved from most diets in […]...


Episode 498: Under Pressure: Compression stockings for recurrent cellulitis?

In episode 498, James and Mike invite Tina back yet again to talk about all the evidence we have for using compression stockings in patients with chronic lower limb edema. The NNT for recurrent cellulitis is pretty good (listen to find out the actual number) on the “NNT scale”. Show Notes Tools for Practice Under […]...


Episode 497: The Nutrition Proposition – a teaser

In episode 497, James and Mike decide to go all in on the evidence around nutrition. We start out by going over how we try to actually figure out if a food is beneficial or harmful for you. And for nutrition is it ever tricky. Show Notes The Nutrition Proposition – Coming Soon – I […]...




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