BS Medicine Podcast

Hosted by James McCormack and Mike Allan

These podcasts promote healthy skepticism and critical thinking, with the majority presented in a case-based format.

Recommended Listening

Episode 575: Acne – the evidence for oral contraceptives and spironolactone

In episode 575, James and Mike invite Jamie Falk back to the podcast to help us sift through all the evidence for using oral contraceptives and spironolactone to treat acne. We find that they actually do work. We go over all the numbers for the benefits and harms. Have a listen. Show notes Tools for […]...


Episode 574: Any berry good solutions to preventing UTIs: Cranberries?

In episode 574, James and Mike invite Jennifer Young back to the podcast to help us yet again look at the evidence for cranberries and the prevention of UTI’s. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the evidence as there is a high risk-of-bias from potential publication bias, small studies, and unblinding. However, if we look […]...


Episode 573: Overcoming Resistance: Antipsychotics for difficult to treat depression

In episode 573, James and Mike invite Jamie Falk back to the podcast to help us simplify all the evidence around using antipsychotics for difficult to treat depression. They do seem to “work”, but you really need to know the numbers around what “work” means. At the end of the podcast, you will! Show notes […]...


Episode 572: Preventing RSV Infections in Infants

In episode 572, James and Mike invite Samantha Moe back to the podcast to go over the evidence around the safety and effectiveness of the monoclonal antibodies used to reduce the risk of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections in infants. We go over all the numbers for hospitalizations and death so you can make evidence-informed […]...


Episode 570: Statistics made simple and relevant – we promise – PART III

In episode 570, James and Mike finish their trilogy on statistics. We take what we discussed in the previous podcasts and go through a couple of examples that will hopefully solidify what all the terms and numbers really mean. Show Notes 1) Sensible Medicine Doing statistics can be difficult but understanding them can be fairly […]...




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